Sunday, August 03, 2008

Trees that fall...

Popping in to say our beautiful, 100 year old tree fell on our house and neighbor's cars during a storm last night. :( Thank God no one was hurt and the only damage was our porch roof, fence and dents in the cars. I'm actually more sad that the tree is gone. Our poor front yard was so shaded and beautiful. All my hastas and hydrangea's will now need new homes. We are now a desert oasis.

I'm at my sweet in law's with the kids while our power is out and the tree experts untangle power lines from the tree. Good times!

Today was NOT a good OP day. :( Feeling pitiful.


Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

The hydrangea I have in my front yard blooms and it gets FULL sun...all day. So maybe the hydrangea's can stay! And there are LOTS of beautiful sun-lovin' plants too! Calla Lilies, Day lilies, Mandevilla (beautiful vine with amazing flowers)!!!! TONS! If I had an ounce of shade in my yard I would happily take your hastas. You will make it beautiful, I have no doubts!! :)

brocks*mom said...

It sounds like you had a week like mine. Two lightning strikes, sick kid, etc = lots of overeating.

Sorry about your tree...I bet it was beautiful.

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