Friday, August 29, 2008

Quick post....

Very busy day yesterday.  I managed to get in a cardio workout in the afternoon.  And weights.  Felt good.  I earned 4 APs!!  

Today I'm off to the chiropractor to try and alleviate some pelvic pain on my left side.  My friend Margo and husband Ed spoke some sense into me and told me to go.  For some reason I just hate spending money on stuff like that.  Ed's logic was: "Yeah, but if they sold a bottle of magic vitamins or pills that were $100 a bottle and would relieve your back pain- you'd do it in a heartbeat. "  True.  Weird logic.  So that's where I'm headed.

I have carpool duties this afternoon and then I'll be home with the kiddies through bedtime.  No workout today.  I thought about going on a walk this morning, but I've already worked out 4 days this week and I like the idea of being "dressed" with make up on more than being sweaty and having to take a shower again.  LOL  Lazy I suppose.  I'm hoping for some family outdoor time tomorrow.  Possibly yard work.  Getting everyone involved.  :)

Ed made me Eggs Benedict today.  YUM!!  I swear that meal never gets old.  I'm planning a taco salad for lunch and then we'll grill out or something tonight.  Possibly porkchops since that's what I have in the freezer.  There could be Oreo's involved.  Maybe.  I promise I'll count them. 

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