Monday, August 25, 2008

Still raining....

I woke up to rain and carpool duties. Nonetheless, I laced up my shoes and got dressed to sweat. My 9 month pregnant friend called me on the way to taking kids to school to see if I wanted to meet her to walk. Sure enough the rain let up and we got a good 2 mile walk in! I love exercising with other people because it goes by faster and doesn't feel like work.


Bran Flakes with sliced banana and raisins: 4 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Fish Taco: 5 pts
Chips:4 pts
Cheese dip: 4 pts
Iced tea (half sweet/half unsweet): 2 pts

Red Raspberry Leaf tea with cream and sugar: 2 pts
Plum: 1 pt

Left over chili over rice: 5 ts
Salads with carrots, celery, tomatoes and yogurt ranch dressing: 3 pts

Nectarine: 1 pts

Walked 2 miles: +2 pts

Total: 32 pts

Tomorrow I plan to go to a class at the Y. If nothing is happening in the morning, I'll do the elliptical. I'll skip wednesday's workout because I've got midwife appt and then lunch with my grandma!

Off topic: Is it bad that I kinda want to watch the new 90210 show?


Jennifer said...

Girl, I'm totally going to watch the new 90210. Gonna Tivo it and everything.

Jacoline said...

If I remember this well Jen C. had a whole 90210-girlsnight thing going on a long time ago. So there must be many more girls who're going to watch and Tivo it!
Have fun!

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