Thursday, August 07, 2008

Zoo day

Took the kids to the Zoo today. My pics are on Ed's camera, which means they are on his computer, which means he needs to upload them on his flikr account before I can share them with you. :) Hint Hint Ed.

Anyway, it was HOT. My mother in law Susan and myself took the kids and planned on getting in right when it opened to avoid as much heat as possible. I cannot imagine how hot it would have been if we waited until later, cause it was already ridiculously scorching. My brain stopped working at some point. I think I sweat 5 APs just existed in the heat.

The kids, nonetheless, enjoyed it. We saw everything on their list of "to see" and enjoyed a train ride around the park.

I also got my hair colored this evening. I decided to go back all natural and nix the highlites. Too much up keep. Now my hair is one solid color- dark brown. :) I'll post pics soon.

I'm tired. Here's my tracker:

WW muffin: 3 pts
Mocha: 2 pts (didn't finish it)

Trail mix: 4 pts
Water, water, water

1 slice of pizza at the zoo cafe: 8 pts
1 kiddie size coke: 2 pts (I was craving coke)

Snack: (planning a late dinner)
Raisen brand cereal with skim: 4 pts
Nectarine: 1pt
Red raspberry leaf tea with cream and sugar: 2pts

Taco Bell beef taco: 5 pts
Taco Bell Fresco chicken taco: 4 pts (not very good)

Total: 35 pts


Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

Wasn't it just yesterday we were talking about not going to the zoo in September because it's too HOT still?! You are NUTS! But, I can't wait until Eli gets excited about the zoo! Such special memories :) Taco Bell, eh? I had Zaxby's :)

Jen Gordon said...

Yes, but my mother in law called me Wed night and said she'd treat us and come with. I couldn't turn her down. :)

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

At least you guys went early :)

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