Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's Saturday morning and I'm still in my bed with my lap top.  The kids are downstairs with Ed who is kindly making them breakfast and allowing me the luxury of just "sitting" before being thrown into the mix.  

The plan today is yard work.  I won't be able to do much of it, but I can instruct.  LOL Our renovations from the tree debacle starts Tuesday.  We're trying to clean up the yard a bit.  I need to divide all my day lilies on one side of the house and find a sunny place to transplant the divisions.  Good thing my entire front yard is sunny now...

I went to the chiropractor yesterday.  My god that man did a miracle on my hip and lower back!  I had no idea I could be out of that pain.  I've had it constantly since 3 months and just settled myself into "this is pregnancy," and decided to just deal with it.  I'm planning to give him all my money and go a couple times a week until I deliver.  Ironically it doesn't hurt at all when I workout.  He did say I need arch supports.  Good thing I got those new shoes.  I'm sure the old ones were killing my back.   I gotta see a Pediatrist now.  The Chiropractor said insurance would pay if I got custom made arch supports from the Pediatrist.  So now I've got to set that up.  Good to know.  Maybe I can avoid some unnecessary pain the rest of this pregnancy.  Especially since I have no plans to stop working out.   I don't care if I'm wearing those hideous corrective shoes on the elliptical- I'm not quitting!!!  :)

Day of rest for me.  I may clean some.  The dust in my house is getting a bit ridiculous. 

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candace said...

Did you go to Dr. Decarlo???

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