Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't move!

Fischer is off to school already. Amelia is still asleep. It's 9:15am and I'm drinking coffee in silence. No one move or I swear I'll kill ya! :)

Two things that may have solved my back woes.

1. New shoes. My mom was sweet enough to buy me a new pair of training shoes at an outlet mall last weekend in Boone. Originally $79 and marked down to $29 thank you very much! They have made a huge difference in how my back feels after a workout. My nasty New Balance (which I'm not a fan of NB shoes, but they were free samples) weren't doing anything for me. For running I prefer Mizuno. For walking and aerobics I prefer Nike trainers. Anyway, I'm loving the shoes and my back.

2. No more treadmill. I'm afraid all this time the treadmill has been the culprit with my back. I've been doing the Elliptical and machine weights and have had no issues at all. I think I'm hitting the phase in pregnancy where I need minimal impact. So looks like I need to stick with swimming and the elliptical. I hope I can still do step at least once a week....

Anyway, no workout today. Amelia and I have playgroup at 10am and then the days is ours to make. I've got a pot roast already in the slow cooker so that's my dinner plans. I'll update with tracker later.

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