Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This weekend has been so busy I haven't had a chance to earn APs.  I had planned on going on a walk Monday, but I got too involved in cleaning out our office and organizing stuff.  Nothing like having your own business and having stacks of papers all over the desk and no filing system.  My poor husband is organizationally challenged.  I have to step in every so often and then he's good for a few months.  Anyway, I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, went through ALL our past files and resorted them and threw tons of stuff away.  THEN went grocery shopping.  Felt very good to get that done.  Unfortunately I wrecked my back in the process.  It's my own fault.  Thankfully I see the chiropractor this evening.  

Ficsher goes to school in 30 mins and I'm having a friend over for a playdate this morning.  Then later I plan on going to the YMCA to get some cardio in.  

I got a ton of stuff at the grocery.  Do you ever have grocery runs where you start out reasonable and then end up putting all kinds of things in your cart? It's like you're totally rational and ubber healthy in the produce section, then the middle isles pull you in and you're frantically throwing boxed, processed yumminess into your cart faster than you can think.  Somehow I ended up with reduced fat vanilla wafers and oreos.  I guess the 'reduced fat' was my last bit of rational left. I have not broken into them yet.  I cannot tell you the gravitational pull milkshakes have on me lately.  I bought the oreos and some vanilla icecream to make a mini milkshake.  As opposed to driving to Chick-fil-A and dropping 15 pts on one.  I think the intense heartburn I have at night makes me want a milkshake..... Or at least that's my theory. Anyway, in my rational thinking I did buy some stir-fry beef and veggies.  That's on the menu tonight for dinner.  

I've seemed to have leveled out on my weight gain and just the way my tummy looks.  It seemed like I was just growing and growing every day there for a while.  Now I feel a bit of a plateau.  I'm still pulling my size small maternity capris on.  They are tight, but damn it I'm in them!  Everything else is now medium.  I remember in my last pregnancy I was already in XL at this point.    

Next week I'll be 27 wks pregnant.  Wow.  In some ways it's gone by slow and in other ways- really, really fast.  Now I'm really focusing on balanced nutrition and exercise.  Both of which I cared nothing of my previous pregnancies.  I'm also really loving my daily ritual of drinking the Red Raspberry Leaf tea.  I've never been a tea drinker, so this is a big deal for me.  If I wasn't drinking a big cup of coffee, it was a big glass of wine.  Ha ha.  I put two bags of the tea in a big coffee mug at night.  Cream and sugar, of course.  I'm enjoying the ritual.

I'll post my tracker later if I have time.  So far I've had a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and coffee.  

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