Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting creative with fitness...

Well, after much thought and a hard look at finances,  I've decided to cancel my YMCA membership. :(  As I'm sure you all know, I LOVE the Y.  I have an obsession with the Y.  But given my current state of pregnancy- I can't take advantage of the classes, which are the real reason I go.  The classes have become too much for me and my back.  So the times I go I've spent on the elliptical or treadmill.  And I have a treadmill here at home.  That and I'm really enjoying the weather and my walks outside.  So, I'm going to say "good bye" to the Y until this little one inside me is old enough to be in the childcare and do well.  I'm shooting to run a 10 k in March.  So I'll begin training at 6 weeks PP.  That means lots of outside running.  So hopefully by next Spring I'll be back in classes at the Y.  In the mean time, I'll think fondly of it in my heart.  :)

My plan now is to walk a little each day.  Some days more intense than others.  But movement is key for me.  If I stop moving, my body is stiff.   I need to get some dumbbells, as that's the main thing I'll be missing from the Y.  I have 5 lbs, but I use 8 lbs too.  Beyond that, I'm going to come up with my own little fitness plan to finish out this pregnancy.  Like my blog says- Quitting is simply not an option. I will not let canceling the Y membership set me back on exercise.  I have a couple prenatal yoga DVDs I want to make use of too.  

Change has always been good for me.  

As far as food.....  I'm craving bread and cheese.  Constantly.  I made some raisin nut bread in my bread maker the other day and it's all I want.  A slice with a little butter and I'm happy as a clam.  I'm also craving milk.  I'm not a big milk drinker, so it's strange that I'm pouring a whopping glass of milk and downing it twice a day.  At least it's skim....  Guess baby needs some calcium.  You'd think the massive amount of Tums I pop would be suffice.  

Today I'm going to rest a little and then take the pup for a walk.  2 miles.  Then I'll come back and do some strength exercises and stretching.  I need to research some good stretching for my ribs and lower back.  It feels stiff and I'm hitting that phase where I can't breath easily.  Stretching would be good for me.

Tracker so far:

Slice of raisin nut bread

Grande Mocha (skim)

Grilled cheese with salami
Bread and Butter pickle
Chocolate pudding

Raisin Nut bread (ahem)

Not sure yet. 

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Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

I crave milk like crazy! Especially if I have to wake up in the middle of night to use the restroom...hmm. Shepherd and Noah must be on the same wave length or something because I too am having difficulty breathing-probably due to the fact that there is a human growing at rapid rates in my uterus. Hmm, imagine that.

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