Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Plan for Thursday...

I figured my meal plan for tomorrow.  Figured I'd post it since I have it all written out.  This planning stuff is making it much easier to stay on target.... We have playgroup tomorrow so I'll pack the lunch up.  I may go to the ymca in the afternoon and do a sculpt class OR swim laps in the indoor pool.  Haven't decided.  

2 Nature's Own Whole Wheat Sugar Free bread: 100
1 scrambled egg: 101
1 tbsp Blueberry preserves- 51
1 tbsp peanut butter: 105
calories: 357

mocha: 174
Banana: 80
calories: 254

1 cup Quinoa and Black Bean salad: 370
Broccoli: 63
String cheese: 80
calories: 513

1 package Smart Pop: 91
granny smith apple: 65
red raspberry leaf tea w/ 1 tsp cream/sugar: 40
calories: 196

Beef stir fry: 158
onions: 30
green pepper: 15
water chestnuts: 50
1 cup brown rice: 216
Teriyaki sauce: 75
calories: 544

3 reduced fat oreos:150
1 cup non fat milk: 80
calories: 230

Total: 2094

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Angie said...

Hey Jen, your blog is so great and so full of good tips! I started a ww blog two days ago, your blog inspired me. Thank you!

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