Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in the groove..

Kids are back! Now where can I ship them off again??? :) No, we missed them like crazy and are very happy they are home with us. And they've been little darlings which is suspicious. But I'll take it!

I've officially organized my fridge with my frozen meal stock supply. Lots of options for the next week.  I'm also rekindling the romance with my bread machine. I think I'll just make my own bread from now on. It's incredibly easy (which earns me no granola points) and cheap! We're getting 'die hard' on eliminating eating out. It's just too much money and I'd rather save that and the gas it takes to get there.  We had church this morning and then I came home and got to work on some more cooking to freeze.  

When Amelia wakes up from her nap I'm planning to take the kids on a walk in the neighborhood and stop at the park to play.  Trying to get some exercise with the kids, other than finding time to do it when they're asleep.  No excuses, right?

Here's a small photo series of my cooking/freezing day:

Thawing this out to bring to my neighbors for dinner.  They're smoking beef tips and I'm bringing my casserole as a side.  And some homemade white bread.
Made some quiches.  One on the left has sauteed green onions, green peppers, and canadian bacon.  Everything else is the same as the basic Tomato Basil Recipe (minus basil).  The one on the right is the basil quiche.   My husband and kids LOVE quiche, so I can never have too much.
Cleaned up my freezer a bit.  I froze all the soups/stews flat on a cookie tray so that they'd stack compactly.  So my middle rack has all my frozen meals in it.   That's actually 6 meals there!  Not counting the two quiches I have cooling to freeze. fridge.  Nothing particularly cool other than it's fun to look at what people's fridge is stocked with.  Can you tell we like eggs?
And my beloved bread machine.  Been a nice companion over the last few weeks.  It's saved me from buying coffee cake and breakfast breads at Starbucks.


~heather said...

you are doing such an amazing job. i'm proud to call you a friend.

Jen Gordon said...

Awww, thanks Heather! :)

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