Sunday, September 14, 2008


I've been very neglectful of my blog lately.   Just busy and not really on the computer much more than 2 mins at a time.  My day planner was literally chucked full of stuff this week.  Thankfully next week is mostly blank.  :)

My foot is healing quite well!  I've been on two walks this weekend.  I tell you what, have your bff be 41 weeks pregnant and trying to get herself into labor.  That will result in lots of calls to go on walks!  I wear an ankle support and that really does the trick.  I'm hoping that this week I can get back into my routine at the Y.  Last week was just crazy and I felt like I was in the car 24/7.  

I've had this bug to start running again. Obviously that isn't going to happen until I give birth, but it's given me a new goal for postpartum.  I'm going to give my body 6 weeks to adjust to everything and then I plan to slowing work back to my runs.  I'm thinking I'll register for a 5k, then a 10 k about 3-4 months after I deliver.  Just to get me a focus.  I do well with having something to work towards.  

I had an amazing opportunity to receive a free 1.5  hour pregnancy massage.  Atlanta School Of Massage was hosting a workshop and they need some pregnant ladies so they could put what they learned to practice.  It was amazing.  I had two people working on me for a full 1.5 hours.  I tell you my lower back and hips were feeling so good afterwards.  Such a release.  I gave the women my number and they're going to call me if they need to practice.  :)  

Okay, that's all.  Just wanted to update.  Went to the grocery today, so I've got healthy choices here in the house and plan to get my groove back this week. 

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