Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Had my prenatal visit this morning.  Waited 2 hours to see Margaret.  That's what you get when you want the best midwife in Atlanta.   I got on the scale backwards so I couldn't see it.  So, instead I began analyzing the "clicks" to be sure I wasn't to far up.   Either I'm 300 lbs or I'm still under 200.  Verdict is still out...

Baby is doing fine.  I'm measuring right on target, which is weird for me.  I usually measure 2-4 weeks ahead.  That's just my style.  So, hey, maybe this kid won't be too late after all.  I won't hold my breath.

I got to get a shot in my butt.  I'm RH negative so I get a rhogam shot so my body won't produce antibodies and eat my baby  :).  Amelia was absolutely fascinated by it.  She was all up in there watching the nurse give me the shot.  So funny.  Then the midwife let her measure my belly with the tape.  She loved it.  I swear she'll be a nurse, doula or midwife.  She loves taking care of things like that.  Very concerned and task oriented.  And loves babies...in utero.  Not so much when they're out.  LOL

Amelia protested her afternoon nap.  Ya know how they fall asleep in the car and then won't go back to sleep in their beds?  Well, that sucks.  So now I'm about to put my walking shoes on and head to the park where there is a 2 mile trail and then a playground at the end.  I'll let the kids run around until dinner time and then we'll come home.  It's all about survival.

Tonight's menu is white chili with homemade whole wheat bread.  I'm going to set the bread maker before I leave and set the chili I already made out to thaw.  I LOVE not making dinner!

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