Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sprained Ankle

So I loaded my kids up in the car to go walking at the park and I sprained my ankle stepping out of the side of the van.  Balled like a baby.  Ed was gone, but thankfully the guys working on our roof came to my rescue.  I was wailing.  I heard an audible crack.   Bless their hearts, they asked me if they should call an ambulance.  I cracked a smile and said the baby is fine.  I think they thought I landed on my stomach or something.   Anyway, I've been icing it for an hour.  It's swollen, but doesn't hurt as bad.  Haven't tried walking on it.

So much for my APs.....

1 comment:

gwen said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear that happened to you. Hope you're feeling better!

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