Sunday, September 07, 2008

Tired of resting...

Never thought I'd say that!  The idea of mandatory rest sounds divine when you're in your daily routine, but it's the most boring thing in the world for me right now.  I've been on the couch since Thursday night, icing my foot every hour.  My mother in law took the kids all weekend, which was an amazing surprise and so helpful!  She's great.  They're bringing them back here in a little while and I'm excited to the see the kids.  :)

I've been determined to nurse my ankle back to health so I can start back walking sooner than later.  I still have to wait a week before any exercise.  But I'm just glad I can get up and move again by tomorrow.  Yeah!

Unfortunately sitting around being bored leads to bad eating habits.  Yesterday was not my best day.  I ate junk.  I just felt icky and wanted crap.  You know those days...  Anyway, today is a new day and I started it off with lots of water and some cereal and fresh fruit.  I think Ed is going to grab some lunch for us when my in laws get here and I'm shooting for a salad of some type.  

I think when I get the clearance to exercise again I may start off with swimming.  I've been wanting to start that and just haven't done it yet.  And it will be minimal impact on my ankle with maximum benefits cardiovascularly.  No excuses right?

Back to couch lying and watching Tv......

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