Monday, September 22, 2008

Got back from the mountains last night.  My mom and step dad decided to keep the kids a week so Ed and I are home alone with the dogs.  SCORE!  We go back up next weekend to get them.  I've never been away from both kids this long.  Little emotional as we pulled away, but now that I'm sitting here with my coffee and both dogs draped over me on the couch, I'm enjoying it. :)

 Today I plan to run a few errands.  It's a good thing the kids are gone this week because I had no idea how many things I had to get done this week.  I've got prenatal appts, chiropractor appts, court date (remember than dumb ticket I got when I dinged a car in my driveway???), and general house stuff I want to get done while the the kids are gone.  Phew.

I'm about to take our dog Penny on a walk here in a minute.  I'm going to do 3 miles I think.  It's so nice out and I really want to get out in fresh air and listen to my iPod.  My lack of frequent exercise lately has resulted in a stiff body.  It's amazing what happens when you stop moving.  Your body seizes up.  Then exercise seems like more work.  I'm anxious to get moving again.  Baby is growing and riding up into my rib cage.  I can't breathe as well.  Fat face officially set in this week.  You know what I'm talking about.  I thought I might get away with it this time around.  Nope.  My lips are already starting to swell.  Pregnancy botox I call it.  Oh well, I'm embracing it.  It's the last time I get to have a baby in my belly.  I'm trying to really enjoy it and not feel to anxious about the changes happening to my body.  

I'll post my tracker later.  So far just Fiber One pop tarts, 1/2 cup coffee and a glass of water!

Off to walk...

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