Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just got both kids off to school.  Love the days it's not my carpool!  I'm taking the dog and going walking.  2 miles.  My usual path.  It's overcast and grey outside.  I love it!  LOL  It's so nice to get some relief from the heat.  I'm eager to hook up with my ipod and move.  Carefully.  :)

I haven't had breakfast yet.  Unless you count pineapple and coffee.  I'll make a bagel here in a sec and then head out.

I'll update my tracker in the PM!  

Let's stay OP today, okay?  Whose with me?


Linda said...

I am definitely with you with staying OP. I started back OP last week, and my WI day was today. I am DOWN 3.5 lbs!!!!!

And congrats to your friend!!!

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

I cannot wait until I no longer work...then Eli and I can join you on your walks around the 'hood! 3 more weeks :) YIPEE!

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