Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last minute get away...

My mom called Ed last night and asked him if we wanted to come to the mountain house this weekend.  I think we may take her up on it.  Free vacation!  (sort of)  It's nice visiting family because you don't have to think about cooking/buying meals or getting through the day.  We're going to try and leave this afternoon if we can find someone to watch our dogs.  

I also love the mountains because there are great trails that are really nice to go walking on.  I love being in fresh, cool air.  And the kids LOVE seeing their grandparents.  My mom has this tradition where every time we come visit her, she lays out new toys on their bunk beds in their room at the mountain house.  We get there and the kids jet to the room like it's Christmas.  They are so spoiled!  That's what JuJu's are for I suppose.  

I stayed OP yesterday and plan the same for today!  We always grill out when we got the mountain house, so I'm sure I have some good options there.  Just have to avoid the pantry where all the processed junk is.

Okay, now I have to go pack and clean.  I have this thing where I need it to be clean when we leave town so that when we come back it's nice and clean and there's nothing to do.  Unfortunately our garbage disposal is clogged and there are dishes waiting.  

Vacuuming has GOT to earn me some APs, no?

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