Tuesday, August 05, 2008

After our tree debacle this weekend I've been trying to get back into the swing of things and it seems like everything is working against me. I made sure to go to bed early last night just get some rest. Sunday night we slept at Ed's parents house since the power was out and for some reason AMelia decided she would wake up all night long. So I was ready for bed at 8:45pm last night. Thankfully the kids slept until 8am this morning, which is nothing short of a miracle. Ed made them breakfast and I rose slowly. I packed us all up, ran to the bank, then to the Y. Planned to get on the treadmill and just read my book for book club. 5 mins into my workout the childcare workers come get me and say she's had an accident. I couldn't figure out why she had an accident as she had a diaper on and I opted not to bring her in training pants today. (She's potty training and I had to leave my workout last time because she popped in her pants.) Well apparently she asked to go potty (Yah Amelia!), but no one helped her on to the toilet, so she didn't pull her dress up and just peed all over it. Ugh. I had no change of clothes, so I had to leave. So my carefully planned workout failed.

Next plan of action is to get on the treadmill here. Mark my word, at SOME point today I will get on that treadmill and walk at least 30 mins. I cannot do outside walks due to the heat, so the treadmill will have to be it. I usually go to Total Body on Tuesdays, but I think my body is not keep up with the class. Last two classes I felt some cramping. That's my cue to back off. Walking will be my bff during this last trimester. :)

Here's my tracker for today. I'm breaking it down into calories for some of my "special" blog readers that don't "get" points and think I'm eating too little and malnourishing my child. (Read the comments from my post last Friday : "climbing back on the wagon...") LOL How can I be malnourishing my child if I've already gained 28 lbs??!!! Does this mean I get to eat more???!!! Chick-fil-A milkshake: Here I come!


Breakfast: (5 pts/320 cals)
Bowl of grapes, blueberries, and pears (courtesy of Ed- thank you): 1 pts (100 calories)
1 piece of toast: 0 pts (40 calories)
Luna Bar: 4 pts (180 calories)

Mocha: 3 pts (174 calories)

Lunch: (10 pts/ 600 cals)
Salsa Salad with romaine, cucumber, tomatoes, red pepper (all veggies-100 cals), black beans (1 pt/110 cal), salsa, 1 oz shredded cheddar (3 pts/110 cal):4 pts
Ranch dressing: 4 pts(148 calories)
1 wedge of kid's leftover quesadilla: 2 pts (120 cals)

2 Nestle Tollhouse cookies: 4pts (120 calories)
grapes: (1 pts/100 cals

Dinner: (16 pts/588 cals)
Hamburgers made with lean ground beef (4 pts/230 cals), slice of cheddar (3 pt/110 cals) and a Sara Lee ww bun (3 pts/120 cals):
Sweet potato fries: 3 pts/150 cals
Glass of wine: 3 pts/88 cals

39 pts (went over 9 pts)
Looky there- 2500 calories!

My baby is so malnourished...


I have to go back on my word and tell you that I am not working out today. Right before dinner I got really ill and nearly passed out. I don't know what it was but I got really hot, broke out in a sweat and felt like I was about to fall over. I screamed for Ed (who was outside grilling burgers) to come in and help me. He got me on the couch to lay down. It took about 15 mins to feel good enough to walk upstairs and get in my bed. I've been lying down ever since. Weird and scary.

I'm currently gulping water and hoping *that* doesn't happen again. I feel totally fine now thank God.


Unknown said...

Hmmm...we haven't actually eaten that dinner yet. This must be some sort of crazy blog from the future.

Lindsey Elizabeth Burke said...

I hope the "Calorie Queen" thinks your intake was OP today.

Jacoline said...

Hahaha! I love the way your hubby comments on your blog sometimes...
He's fun; keep him!

And take it easy with the hot weather, so those dizzy spells stay away! I haven't had it during pregnancy, but after Lara was born (due to blood loss and fatigue I guess); it feels horrible!


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