Thursday, February 14, 2008


Morning scale reading: 138.6 lbs! Wow, feels good to remain in the 130's. :) I think last summer I barely saw it and then creeped up slightly.

I made it to a Power Step class last night. That is the one class I just can't "get." I try so hard to get the step routine down. Everyone knows the "lingo" and moves accordingly. I've gone three times now and cannot get it. But I did sweat and that's all that counts, right? I'm the type that likes a challenge though, so I may go back again next week and try to nail it.

Staying OP has been much easier since my Lent fast. Not eating past 7pm really makes a difference in my mindless eating. I have to say, I go to bed every single night with an empty stomach that is growling ferociously. But each morning I wake up and my breakfast tastes so much better. :)

Today's agenda is playgroup, then naps, then I'm going to get gussied up and go on a hot date with Ed. We're going to Figo (italian) and then to see Cloverfield. I'm excited. Ed and I have not had a good date night since we went to NYC in December. He's on my good list today- he let me sleep in and he brought me a mocha after he ran to the bank! GOOD MAN!

I've saved all my Flex for today. I already looked up the menu for Figo and planned my meal. I'm going to spend 30 pts on dinner alone!! We're going to dinner early so I can eat before 7pm. Ha ha.


We ended up seeing Juno and I loved it!!! We laughed pretty hard, but it was also very touching. I teared up at one point and tried to hide it from Ed and of course he looks over at me and laughs. Grrrr.....But it was good! I ended up changing my dinner . I went for the pasta with bolognese sauce. It actually worked out to less points. So that's good news!

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