Saturday, February 23, 2008

flying biscuit
I did it! I went to Flying Biscuit and had the feast I've been saving myself for all week. And the funny thing is that I got full quickly and didn't end up eating my eggs or potatoes. So I didn't blow as many points as I planned. Their biscuits are just simply heavenly. Oh, and then Cranberry Apple Butter is just .......yum!

My boys arrive back today. I miss them. I had a birth yesterday (well, false labor I should say) and didn't end up eating from 11-8pm. Finally at my book club I devoured food. I'm not supposed to eat past 7pm- but I broke the rules because I was starving! All that eating probably influenced my breakfast fullness this morning. Hopefully it will all even out.

Yesterday I got on the scale and it said 137! Woooohooo! I finally worked off last Sunday's binge. I knew if I focused, it would come back off.

You'll be proud of me- I've been doing great on the water front. Drinking my 64 oz every day. My body feels less bloated and I just feel better.

I'm trying to get in a nap while Amelia's napping, so I gotta go to sleep! I'll post tracker later!

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