Monday, February 18, 2008

I read several blogs a day, but this one stood out when I read Tori's blog. I'm all about the weight loss benefits of exercise, but it's good to be reminded of how important it really is. Tori listed all these facts out, so give her all the credit!

The use of exercising:

1. Exercise reduces all cause other words, even a little bit and your risk factors for early death go down
2. Exercise increases bone density, so important in women
3. Exercise can help balance the hormones
4. Exercise reduces your risk of Cardiovascular Heart Diseaes (CHD)
5. Exercise improves joint movement
6. Exercise increases lung capacity
7. Exercise increases your metabolism LONG after you have stopped working out BUT ONLY IF YOU EAT ENOUGH FUEL TO SUPPORT IT. If you don't, you'll lower your metabolism.
8. Exercise increases balance by helping your proprioceptors, which is extremely important as we age.
9. People who get regular, vigorous exercise live an average of 14 more years, and have more life in those years
10. Exercise aids in digestion, which can help reduce colon cancer.
11. Exercise improves skin tone
12. Exercise improves self esteem and self perception
13. Regular exercise improves back health
14. Strong women stay young isn't just the title of a book...
15. Exercise can increase immune function
16. As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows down. Exercise can help combat that.
17. As we get older, our muscle strength naturally reduces. Exercise can help combat that.
18. Exercise is an absolute NECESSITY for optimal health

I'm taking my exercise regime more seriously as I approach my surgery. Exercise speeds recovery when (even when done beforehand). I hope to get back to some level of activity by 6 weeks. I know I won't be up to par in my Heat classes, but I hope to work up to it at least by 8 months. Even I do the super modified version.


candace smartt said...

Right on! I think I have gotten to the point of where I don't look at exercise as a weight loss thing, but a thing to challenge myself and to keep all my organs healthy.
My grandma was playing golf and dancing in her kitchen at 82 - I want to be like her.

Jen Gordon said...

Ha! My grandma had a similar resilience. Except her's was more about having a healthy libido up until the day she died! I'm thinking I'll just be one of those old lady's walking the neighborhood over and over.

BTW- in Total Body today there was a 65+ woman in there doing push ups on her feet!

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