Monday, February 04, 2008

So I trotted right into my Heat class today like I owned the place. I was eager to get back to my normal regime. I did well, I hydrated earlier in the morning and was up for the challenge. Then the class began. Um, yeah, I was S L O W. I even had to take breaks in BETWEEN the water breaks. Guess my body is still recovering from sickness. But, I made it! I completed it and I'm glad I went. Finally, I told my instructor that I had had strep throat last week and that was why I was so slow. She was like "And you chose THIS class to start back?" I just replied with an eyeroll and "Yeah, I know I'm an idiot." :)

There's a new class on the schedule called Max Out 30. The description says it's circuit drills. Sounds similar to Heat. I'm very intrigued. It's only 30 mins, with an Abs & Glutes class immediately afterwards. It's 7am on Tuesdays. Tuesdays is normally my Total Body day at 4:30pm. I love total body, but I also love getting my workouts done by noon! We'll see....

Today was a good day- point wise. Here's my tracker:


Lite English Muffin: 1 pt
2 tbsp Naturally More peanut butter: 3 pts
1 tbsp Sugar Free Jelly: 0 pt


Mocha: 4 pts


Bowl of homemade chili: 7 pts
10 low sodium Saltienes: 2 pts
1 tbsp ff sour cream: 0 pts


Apple: 1 pt
Some Waldorf Salad: 2 pts


Baked Tilapia: 2 pts
Baked Asparagus: 0 pts
Potatoes: 2 pts

Total: 24 pts
APs earned: +4 pts

20 points! Right on target!

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