Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm writing to you from bed. I'm sick. Again. Thankfully it's not fluish, but my throat feels like it did when I had strep. My left side is swollen and hurts when I swallow. Ugh. So, I can't go to my Heat class today. Which sucks because I was looking forward to it. Luckily the kids are at preschool today and I don't have to pick them up until 1:30pm! My plan is to rest in bed until then.

I need to try and go weigh in soon if I can. I need to get one in for Feb. And since I'm easily under my goal, I need to go! :) Not that I'm planning on gaining weight soon, but I just like to "lock that weight in." LOL It's like refinancing!

So far I have no appetite today, so I'm thinking staying OP will not be too difficult today. Ed is running to the bank and he's gonna bring me back a mocha to soothe my throat. I've been taking this homeopathic stuff for sore throat, in addition to Ricola throat lozenges. If it gets worse, I'm going to the doc. But my body actually feels fine. A little tired, but nothing last two weeks ago.

I need to get to the grocery store. I need some basics. Here's my list of basics incase any of you are interested:

Lite English Muffins
Part Skim Mozzerella cheese
Tomato paste
Progresso soups (low sodium)

What I really need to do is get back to cooking and prepping meals a head of time. Makes it so easy to eat healthy dinners. Maybe I'll spend this "sick" time planning.


Yeah, so remember when I said above that I didn't think I'd need to worry too much about staying OP? Well, I ended up having a burrito. I took some ibuprofen and my throat felt better, so I ended up inhaling a 13 pt burrito and some chips! Awesome. Fortunately I feel stuffed and almost sick. So maybe I won't dip into my Flex and just keep the rest of the day water only. I swear, even when I'm sick I'm ALL about food. It's a true addiction people!

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Candace Smartt said...

I'm sorry you are feeling sick again Jen.
I have lost my voice, but getting it back a little today.
Hope you feel better soon.

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