Thursday, February 07, 2008

Morning scale reading: 140 even! Right on track. I knew I would gain a couple pounds back after my Super Bowl fiasco, but looks like I have it under control. Phew!

Today was a good day. As I posted earlier below, I scheduled my tummy tuck for April and it felt good to make that decision. I ate some M&Ms earlier today during a potty training experience with my daughter. Apparently I get more M&Ms than her... But that action (eating 10 pts worth of M&Ms) sprung me into proaction! Ed got off work earlier than he normally does and I got to go run! I did 3.5 miles and had to quit running because my ears were throbbing! Ya know how it gets cold, but not that cold and you think wearing a hat or ear muffs would be stupid? Well, it was stupid not too. I was miserable for the last half of my run. :( But, I did it and that's what counts.

Here's my tracker:

B: Vita muffin: 1 pt
Mocha: 3 pt
Apple: 1 pt

L: Chicken soup: 4 pt
Roll: 1 pt

S: 1/2 cup Peanut M&M's: 10 pts

D: Annie's Organic Burrito: 5 pts
Regular sour cream: 2 pts
Lite Chips: 2 pts

= 29 pts!
APs=+3 pts

Total: 26 pts

7 Flex used.

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