Thursday, February 21, 2008

Man, I have really been struggling this week. But I'm proud to say I have not given into temptation! I'm exercising my self discipline muscles. I was jonesing for a second helping of my Tomato-Basil Quiche tonight and I didn't get it. I even stood in front of the frig to get it back out and make another plate and I stopped myself. I shut the door, grabbed a bottle of water and turned the lights and headed upstairs. The nice perk of a two story home is that you can flee to the other level when the kitchen is calling your name. It's my newest technique.

I decided to go to a Body Sculpting class at the last minute this afternoon. I had planned on letting this be a day of rest, but then felt up to something. I made it there a little early and did 20 mins on the stair machine. I HATE THE MACHINES but I wanted to get my heart rate up so that I'd get more calories burned out of the body sculpt class. It worked! I was in a full sweat when I got to class. I upped all my weights and boy was it challenging. But I pushed myself and felt great when I finished. Endorphines are so nice.....

Here's my tracker:

B: Muffin: 3 pt
Mocha: 3 pt
Apple: 1 pt

L: Quiche: 5 pts
Pear: 1 pt

S: Another muffin: 3 pts (should have had more fruit I think)

D: Um, yeah Quiche again!: 5 pts
Baby carrots: 0 pts

S: Another mocha: 3 pts

APs: 20 min stair machine and Body Sculpt class: +4 pts

Total: 25 pts-4 APs= only 1 Flexie used!

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