Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well.....I went to the consult and feel very good about it! First his assistant took several images of me in those oh so cute paper g-strings. Awesome. But I have to say, as unflattering as it was, when I saw myself on the screen I appeared smaller than I imagine myself.

Then I went back to the room for Doc to examine me. Once he got a look at my tummy he seemed very excited. He said I'm a perfect candidate for a tummy tuck and have the best chance of seeing big results. I'm the type of patient he likes doing abdominoplasties on because I only have tissue and skin to remove. He passed with flying colors all 3 pages of my cross examining. Never even once been involved in a malpractice suite. And when I asked about the major risks: blood clot and infection. He said of course there's always that risk, but my age and health is a factor that makes those things slim to none. However, he's extremely precautionary in that he gives all his patience blood thinners immediately following surgery. During surgery he also has several pumps on legs and arms to keep things circulating. He encouraged his patients to get moving as soon as possible (little by little) so that the body will begin to heal itself and reduce risk of blod clots. As far as infection, he teaches his patient's to watch for signs and is on call 24 hours afterwards should something develop. He says it's very rare.

I asked him how often he has to do revision surgery (go back and correct some stuff). He said 50% of his patients need minimal revision work. Because he doesn't like to cut a long line, there's always a chance for more revision. But this way he can see exactly what needs to be done and it's usually done with a local anesthetic and he does the procedure free of charge. That was encouraging.

One thing I didn't except was that he wanted to suture my abs together from my chest down to my pubic bone. My abs have separated significantly. He didn't have to ask if I had big babies, he knew. He said that would give me a perfectly flat tummy. He said I'd be blown away and he doesn't tell everyone that because not everyone comes in there having "done all the hard work beforehand." That made me feel good. :)

Recovery is different for everybody. But my age and health again will help me to recover quickly. He said I'd need support for a week. Then after that, I should be able to slowly get back into things. I can't pick up Fischer or Amelia for 2-3 weeks. That will be hard. Getting in and out of the car will be a challenge. But luckily I have very supportive people who are willing to help me and that means the world to me. Choosing to have an elective cosmetic surgery is not easy. I definitely feel judged by people. But my friend Monica reminded me of a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't. " And this feels right to me.

So, he books out a month in advanced for surgery. I have some time to think about it if I want to do it in late April. Now it's a matter of rallying the support of my family and friends to help with my kids for a week or so. :) I feel very content in the decision. It's just a matter of when now. So, there ya have it!

I should add that even though I'm posting all this for the world to see, I'd appreciate those of you that know me personally to keep mum about it. While I'm totally open about sharing my experience, I'd like to do it semi-privately. Deal? :)


Amanda said...

Sounds like a GREAT consult!!! So, you are going to do it? Good for you! You so deserve it!!! I can't wait to have mine done in a few years. I hope you post after pics--I'd love to see them! I'm curious as to the cost?? I know it's different in every metropolitan area, but I'm just curious.

candace smartt said...

Awesome jen. I'm glad it was a good experience for you.

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