Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hey beautiful people! I've been missing in action for a few days, or maybe just plain absent minded and too lazy to post. My lovely lady friend arrived and my cravings are now balanced and I'm not hunting down small children and looking for their candy. What's the deal with PMS? (To sound like Jerry Seinfeild) Must we feel, act and look like a woman that's 3-4 months pregnant EVERY month? And the acne break out is enough to just put the icing on the cake of poor body image for a week. Most women hate their periods. I'm relived once I've actually gotten it because that means I'm not bloated, tired, depressed, angry, or over emotional anymore.

So the last few days have not been my best. But not necessarily bad. I had a birth last night which always throws my meal plans out the window and into "chance." Luckily I grabbed a mocha and a bran muffin for dinner at the Starbucks in the hospital. That's more points than you think, but could have been a quarter pounder from the McDonald's that's also in the hospital. I guess they put the McDonalds there to rack up more business for the hospital. Ups your odds of cardiac arrest.

AND....every effort at exercise has not happened yet this week. Monday I took care of Ed's dad who just had knee surgery while the kids were in school. So I missed Heat. Which was fine, because I really wanted to help Ed's parents. Then Tuesday I showed up to my Total Body class only to be turned away due to a power outage at the YMCA. :( Then yesterday I had a birth and those always suck the energy right out of you. So today there is a Turb Kick class at 6:30pm. I may go if I can convince Ed to hang with Amelia while Fischer and I go to the Y. We'll see..

All this to say that the combo of PMS and "chance" meals have had me a bit worried about being OP lately. But my scale still has me at 138 lbs, so that's good.

Today I have a plan. I set out some lean ground beef from the freezer this morning. I don't know what I'll make yet, but it will be something point friendly. Maybe spaghetti. Maybe a ground beef stir fry with veggies and couscous?

Anyway, the kids and I need to get dressed and head out to our Thursday play group.

I'll touch back later! LOST IS ON TONIGHT! (Sorry- I just love THursdays)

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