Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hey there! Feeling better today, but still have this nagging lethargic feeling. All the coffee in the world isn't really helping, so I'm trying to hydrate and live through the next few days when my antibiotics run out.

My goal today is to go on a walk with the kids. I wish there was a Starbucks close by to walk to. The nearest one is 2.5 miles and there is not good "trail' to get there by. The local coffee shop Octane is only 1.5 miles and the there are sidewalks the whole way, but I hate their coffee! I'm such a snob.

I went to a women's event at our church. It was great. My friend Katherine heads it up and she does a lovely job. The food spread was amazing. Bagels, brunchy casseroles, fruit, veggies and cookies. I ate a valentine's theme cookie from Publix. Oh my God it tasted homemade. Probably 5 pts too. The icing was delish. Or maybe it because my taste buds are waking up and I'm discovering food again.

I haven't done so well the last few days. Only because I haven't written down points or really paid too much attention. Mostly because I don't have a big appetite. But I'm slowing gaining back focus along with my taste buds.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. We're having a friend over and we're going to enjoy it semi quietly. I'll make some yummy food. Still have to meet with the husband on that one. We have to come up with some yummy things.

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