Sunday, February 03, 2008

I don't even like football! And yet I used the occasion to eat, eat, eat and eat some more. And now I feel about 4 months pregnant. Ugh.. There goes my 130's! Well, at least for a few days. I know my body. I'll appear to be able to eat all I want and then 3-4 days later my body will show it. I won't go into details, but I basically ate two bowls of chili, chips, dip, chocolate, and then topped it off with peanut M&Ms. Granted, I only had some breakfast this morning and a mocha this afternoon, but still. I should have been satisfied with a good bowl of chili and maybe 1 piece of chocolate. Now I just feel yucky.

BUT, I'm moving on! Tomorrow is Monday and my flex renew and I'm back to my old self. Wow, remember when my "old self" was a bad thing??? Anyhoo, I just took my last dose of antibiotics and now I'm ready to get back my energy. Fischer and Amelia both have school tomorrow. They leave at 9:30am with Kelle for the morning carpool run, then I pick them back up at 1:30pm. I'm free!!!!!!! I'm going to hit my Heat class at 10:45am solo. I'll, of course run to the Starbucks beforehand and load up on some caffeine. We have plenty left over chili and a stocked fridge, so no need to think about groceries. I need to get creative with what I have.

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and I've been thinking about what I want to fast for Lent. I'm thinking I'd like to fast alcohol and eating after 7pm. I chose both because I've noticed that alcohol is sort of a "gateway" into excess for me. Be it more alcohol, or food. It's like I get loosened up and I think- "Hey- let's eat another dinner!" And nighttime eating is almost always something that I do to fill a void of some sorts. Whether I'm bored or just stressed. So, in penitence, I'd like to abstain from those indulgences and take that time to devout to God in some way. Be it silence, prayer, reading my Bible or just simply learning to do without something I want. *gasp!*

I forgot to mention, but my tummy tuck consultation was rescheduled due to my sickness last week. It's been moved to this Tuesday at 1pm! I'm very excited to speak with that particular doctor. I have another one I'm going to meet with too at some point. I've done my research and I'm the sure the poor man is going to think I'm a little firecracker. I promise to update how things go.

I'd love to make it to a meeting tomorrow. I think I could make the 12 o'clock one. It would be eating up all my "alone" time while the kids are at school, but then again- getting to a Heat class and a WW meeting does "feed" me. Besides, I'd end up spending any spare time cleaning. And who wants to do that???

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