Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life is changing.....

So, I've canceled my tummy tuck in April. I know.....WHY????!?!!!! Well, because my gut is throwing red flags all over the place. At first I felt a huge sense of relief after I booked it. I felt peace with it. I felt like it was the right thing to do and I felt excited! Then, the last week or two I've been conflicted. Not so much about the surgery itself, but about not having another child. And for those of you who know--I KNOW! I know I'm changing my mind yet again!! But truth is, I think it took me booking the surgery to really figure out what I wanted to do.

And so now here I am having just canceled my special date in April and I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Will I eventually do a tummy tuck? I think I will. But I want to be darn sure it's the right time to do it. Am I going to have a third child? Maybe.

Oh Lord, now I'm just remembering how big I got with Amelia. Ugh. But, truth is I've changed. And I know how to eat well and that can transfer into a healthy pregnancy gain. *IF* I get pregnant again.

Alright, let the comments begin....


candace smartt said...

Gotta listen to your gut.

Queen of the Binge said...

Wow! Do you think attending these last couple of births gave you some baby fever? I wish you peace with whatever you decide. 3 is a fun number, though :)
I kind of rushed into have a tubal last year (not really the same thing but you get the point) and I now have a little regret so I think it's good that you are taking some time to really know for sure.

Paul & Julie said...

Just wanted you to know that you CAN have a better, healthier pregnancy. By my third I *finally* had it figured out as far as eating well and exercising. At the end of my third pregnancy, I was a full 45 pounds lighter than at the end of my first. I also bounced back a lot quicker since I had been exercising all the way to the end. Just my own 2 cents - good luck with your decisions!!

Jen Gordon said...

Candace- thanks.

Queen- yes attending the births has definitely made me thinK!

Julie- that's my thoughts. In fact, I thought about creating a whole new blog devoted to the details of eating healthy during said pregnancy. :)

Lots to think about. Good news is that I've created habits of eating well and exercising. I really enjoy those habits. I can't myself not going to the Y several times a week. I'll be out there doing one handed push ups! LOL

Kim said...

I am pregnant with my third after losing 65 pounds (well now I am 9 months pregnant) and so far I have gained 31 pounds and this is starting out less than I was and I was maintaining for a year or so before I got pregnant. My first two pregnancy's I GAINED way too much. I have exercised throughout this entire one 6 days a week. I have 5 weeks to go with this and I am hoping I can try to exercise until the end.
I think going with your gut is the right thing to do. You are YOUNG. I would totally wait to have surgery until you KNOW you totally are done with the babes.
You look great. I think bikini's are overrated:)

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