Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This is what happens when you find yourself grabbing M&Ms and shoving them into your mouth. Something's got to give! In a split second I threw them down the drain before putting another handful down! VICTORY! I think I only ended up eating 5 pts worth of them. This is all after eating a healthy dinner. I was cleaning up and just mindlessly started eating them when I saw them on top of the frig.

Made it to Total Body today and boy are those workouts getting harder! I'm conscientiously pushing myself harder, but still. I feel like the "sweaty girl" in class. I'm the only one that is absolutely covered in sweat. Like my hair is dripping and totally wet. I'm could almost get a complex about it, but figured that it made me look like I was working the hardest. Ha ha.

Here's my tracker:

I want to really focus on my water intake. I was doing lunges in my class today and I always get this cramp on my calf of the leg not doing the work. I asked my instructor why that is. She said it's dehydration. Point taken. 64 oz baby! I want to hit 64 oz of water everyday this week!

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