Thursday, March 12, 2009

172 lbs even this morning on the scale.   At first I stepped on it funny and it said 162 lbs and I nearly flipped.  Then I realized the error and let out a big, deep groan.  Not that I expected to be in the 160's- but man I'm close.  There is a big difference (which makes no sense at all) b/w the 160's and 170's for me.  So being in the 160's will be nice.  

I did not run today.  Too much going on.  That and Shepherd was up a lot last night and I was just too tired.  I did, however, get some running shoes.  I know that my cross trainers were not good and after spraining my ankle last summer, I'm getting the right shoes for my feet!  I got a new pair of my faithful Mizuno brand.  And a hydration belt.  I'm going to try and get a long run in this weekend.  5 miles.  That's my goal.  Hopefully I can do that childless.  (Can I Ed?)  

I'm bringing some food to the Teacher's Appreciation Breakfast tomorrow for my kid's school and then Shepherd and I are going to the park to run.  4 miles is the plan.  

Here's my food tracker today...

Special K bar: 2 pts
Mocha: 3 pts

Grapes: 1 pt

Lunch: (Met with Ed at Salsa)
2 bbq tacos: 10 pts
maduros:3 pts
chps: 7 pts

hard boiled egg: 2 pts
grapes; 1 pt

Chips/salsa: 4 pts
special K bar: 2 pts

Special K cereal with skim: 4 pts

39 pts

5 Flexies used (30 left for the week and it's already Friday tomorrow!)

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