Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today was good.  Busy, but good.  Tuesdays are carpool day for me which makes for a busy day in the midst of everything else.  I dropped the boys off at school today and then Amelia, Shepherd and I went to the library for story time.  We also picked up some good books for the kids.  We've gotten into a good habit of reading a lot together, which is nice.  Then we headed to Costco.  Ironically I drove all the way there to only buy 2 bulk loaves of bread and a sun dress for Amelia.  I was actually scouting out trampoline prices, but they had none.  (More on that later)  

I felt myself get really hungry while there and had a moment of panic wondering what I could eat and what was "point friendly."  Then I realized I could eat whatever I wanted and relieved.  (Not that I couldn't on WW's, but it's just the practice of nothing being a forbidden fruit)  Amelia and I chowed down on pizza.  Two slices of pizza and two sodas = $5.  Gotta love Costco!  I listened to my hunger cues and actually finished the whole slice and drank a real coke with it.  It was good and I did not feel overly stuffed.  Just right.  

We came home, dropped some pizza off for Ed and then out again for carpool.  Picked the boys up and then came home and chilled the rest of the day.  I didn't feel hungry again until about 4:30pm and had a hardboiled egg.  Then was hungry again at 6pm and I ate some dinner.   Again, ate to fulfillment and then stopped.  I even had a bite on my fork I almost put into my mouth and said: "No, I'm full" and put it down.  Exhibiting self control is never a bad thing to practice. 

So there ya have it!  It was a good day and I feel good about everything.  I'm sure I'll have bad days, but for now I feel like a million pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. 

Here's my tracker:

peanut butter and honey sandwich


1 slice pizza

hardboiled egg

2 slices of pork tenderloin
some collard green with vinegar (LOVE that stuff)
1 slice of corn bread with butter


edgordon said...

Very proud of you.

Melanie said...

what library do you go to for story time?

Jen Gordon said...

Thanks Eddie...

Melanie- I got to the Northside Branch off Paces Ferry.

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