Friday, March 27, 2009

Come on weekend!!

So yesterday I got officially "fixed".....well, for 10 years anyway.  My womb now carries a handy, dandy copper IUD.  NO MORE KIDS!!!!!!  Whooooo hoooooo!  I'm done!

Okay......can I tell you how much I'm LOVING this non diet thing?  I got on the scale and it said 168 lbs this morning!  Yah!!!  Anyway, I'm feeling so good.  Feeling free.  Feeling light.  Feeling good.  

OH!  And I got into a pair of size 8's!!!!!  10 more lbs and I just might be able to get into all my old jeans (mostly 6's, some 4's)!!!

We're having some friends over tonight for dinner.  I'm making Stack-a-roll Straganoff.  It was a childhood favorite that my sweet mother in law made for her kids regularly.  Ed loves it and so do I.  I'm making a yummy salad with walnuts, gorgonzola and raspberry vinegerette.  And some Riesling, of course.  

Then tomorrow we're having more friends over for breakfast.  I'm making a Breakfast Casserole, some fruit, coffee and OJ.  Should be good.  

Here's the tracker:

Wasn't hungry.  Truly!


Publix Turkey Sub (ate 3/4 of it)
A few chips

Wasn't hungry

Stack a Roll


Jen said...

That stroganoff recipe looks great; I may need to try that.

Susan said...

Wow, I weight 167 and wear a size 12, how tall are you?

Congrats on a great week. I love your are such an inspiration to me.


Nan said...

Hey Jen,
Did you by any chance, answer Susan's question as to your height. My 8's are wearable, not the best looking, but wearble, and I am 159.
I think women have such a hard time comparing ourselves to others and that stinks!
Congrats on 160's and 8's!

Jen Gordon said...

Susan and Nan- I'm 5'7". I don't know why I wear a size 8 at this weight. That was not the case before I had kids. I was 147 and wore size 10s. So, there ya go!

When I'm at 140 lbs I wear a size 4. ??? All I can think is that I've gained muscle and toned in areas I never was before I had kids.

Susan said...

Jen...thanks for answering my question. I am only 5'3" so that explains why I wear a 12!

This just confirms that I am not too chubby, just too short!!! ;)


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