Wednesday, March 04, 2009


So last time I was here I was shoveling food in my mouth like I'd never eat again.  This trip- I'm determined to stay under control!!  I'm also determined to earn some APs via sledding and walking back up the driveway (which is a mini mountain) and playing Wii. :)  

We woke up, threw the kids and bags in the car and were driving by 9am.  That's impressive for three kids people.  Anyway, I planned well and packed healhty snacks.  Luna bars, apples, Diet Lipton White Tea (my new fav), and ff popcorn.  We opted for McDonalds (gag) for lunch and I got a happy meal, along with my kids.  Not horrible- 12 pts.  Much better than the Quarter Pounder for 27 pts or something ridiculous like that. 

We got here around 2:30 and was surrounded by snow.  I'm now sitting by the fire with Ed and relaxing.  Our good friends, the Madlams are coming up tomorrow with their kids.  It's going to be a fun weekend.  And it doesn't hurt to be in good company.  I love me some Corrie.

Here's my tracker:

Luna: 4 pts
Grande Mocha: 4 pts

Happy Meal: 12 pts

Apple: 1 pt
Bagel chips: 5 pts
Ww's cookies: 4 pts (I got snacky)

Wild mushroom soup: 4 pts
2 slices whole wheat bread: 2 pts
Spinach salad with lite ranch: 2 pts
Some blue corn chips with hummus while making dinner: 3 pts

2 jacks and diet coke: 4 pts

Total: 45 pts

11 Flexies used (that's what there for, right?)


Jen @ One Moms World said...

I just came across your blog. I am in Boone as well and doing Weight Watchers. So far I am down 33.2 pounds and hoping to hit the 50 pound mark by May for my birthday.

We can do this and YES the snow helps to burn those calories. I am happy to finally see the sun. What a winter this has been.

Jen Gordon said...

Hi Jen,

I actually live in Atlanta, but my mom has a house in Boone. So we go there to retreat every month or so. In Blowing Rock. So nice because I live in the city of Atlanta and just being able to breath the fresh air and see the stars is so life giving!

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