Monday, March 16, 2009

Trying too hard

Thanks so much for the encouraging comments that some of you left on my last post.  I've been thinking a lot about this journey and why it's different this time.  And I came to the conclusion that there is such a thing as working the program too hard.  Where it becomes so complicated and consuming that it just isn't doable.  And that's where I was.  I've also been comparing this journey to my weight loss journey three years ago and the fact is is that this is a different journey.

I'm going to treat this a new journey and give myself a break.  Not a break from being OP, but a break from demanding so much of myself.  I demand a lot of myself on a daily basis.  I insist on doing a lot, making the most of my time, multi tasking on crack.  But I just need to slow down.  I need to enjoy the plan.  It's a good plan.  And I can do it.

I'm not going to weigh myself except for once a week, on Mondays only.  I will not step on it any other time.  I will love myself and enjoy myself.  I will thank my body daily for what it does do for me.  I'm healthy, strong, and very capable of walking in a place of peace with my body.  I'm going to choose to do this daily.  To give myself the gift of living without hating my body, even when I feel like I'm not myself yet.  

Here's my tracker today:

Luna bar: 4 pts
Grande Mocha: 4 pts

Whole grain quesadilla with leftover chicken stirfry, mozz cheese and spinach: 8 pts
Spinach salad with green beans, feta and dressing: 2 pts

Apple: 1 pt

Salmon burger: 5 pts
Sweet potato: 3 pts
Green beans: 0 pts

Dessert (Ed brought me my favorite icecream)
Icecream: 10 pts

Skim milk: 2 pts
Banana Bread (thank you Higgy): 4 pts

Total :43 pts  (32 allowed)

11 Flexies used.  


Anonymous said...


I can totally understand where you are coming from right now. The struggle to lose weight can become overwhelming and we tend to focus on the scale for our changes instead of things around us.

If your clothes are fitting better, if you feel less out of control around food and exercise has become an enjoyable part of your routine then you have succeeded. Every little step we take in our weight loss journey is a big deal.

Enjoy the success, whatever it may be, along the way! Be proud of yourself and respect and appreciate your body for what it is each day...even if you want it to change.

Thank you for you honest blogging. Reading about your life has helped me with my weight loss journey.

Glenville, New York

Jenny said...

Sounds like a great plan to me.

Nan said...

Sounds like you are in a better place!

Jennifer H. said...

Awww, Jen, please don't be hard on yourself. You just had a baby & now have 3 kids to care for.

Each journey is different.. it was probably easier last time because there were only 2 little ones to care for and now you're being pulled in 3 directions. ((HUGS))

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