Monday, March 02, 2009

I've been walking around in a work out halter top that I haven't been able to wear until now.  I was feeling quite okay in it until my husband asked me if he could call me Anna Nicole.  And then he named "them" Orville and Redenbacher.  

Guess it's too soon for this top.

I got on the scale today.  175 lbs.  Needless to say I blurted out a curse word.  WTH?  I'm hoping it just has to do with the weekend and sodium and not enough water and all that.  Cause I've been a good girl!!!

It's easy to let the number ruin my day and cause me to say F it and eat crap.  But I won't.  Instead I continued doing what I know and I'm choosing to have faith in the plan.  It's takes a lot of faith in your plan when you're at the beginning.  I've always heard that the hardest weight to lose is the first 10 lbs and the last 10 lbs.  I can relate.  

School was cancelled today due to snow.  Such a joke.  Living the south is funny like that.  But I got out and took the kids to the library.  I'm going to do the treadmill again tonight.  I liked the workout I did last night and the time passed quickly while reading.  

We're leaving for the mountain house in two days.  I've got lots to do in the way of cleaning and laundry.  I'm going minimal on the packing.  There is washer and dryer there- so why pack so much?  I always pack WAY too much- thinking I'm going to need something and won't have it.  But it never happens and instead the bottom half of all the bags never gets used.  

I am excited to go though because we're bringing our friends with us.  We'll have 7 kids there between us!  But it will be a blast and there will be wine poured after bedtime....right Corrie?

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corrie said...

ha ha -I don't know what you are talking about- I don't even like wine :). I went sports bra shopping today and I can join you in the Anna Nicole club- and I'm not even breast feeding.
I'm with you about the number on the scale thing. I have been working so hard- being sooo good and the number hasn't moved yet. I say yet b/c it will and so will yours- keep up the hard work.

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