Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still happy to be in the 160's....

So this no dieting thing is really suiting me.  Every time I start a meal I get a little anxious about having to actually stop.  But once the "full" cue hits, it's getting easier and easier to stop.  That's a relief.  I think the key is to slow down so you don't miss the cue and get full too fast.  Drag it out. Make it last.  

Here's my tracker: 

2 slices whole wheat bread with butter and jam

1/2 Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich
1/4 of the fries
1/2 sweet tea

Lindor's dark chocolate truffle
2 milano mint cookies

Snack: (it was more around dinner time)
2 chocolate chip cookies my neighbor made

**I was really wanting some sweets***

Dinner: (9pm when I was hungry)
Mongolian beef (Maybe 1 cup worth)
fortune cookie

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