Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Day = no walk :(

I suppose I could have gotten on my treadmill, but I decided to finish nursing my cold and just lay low.   Lounged in bed during the baby's morning nap with my laptop and coffee.  Oh, did I mention I put REAL cream and sugar in my coffee?  Yah...  that was nice.

I'm continually working on accepting my body in all it's various stages.  If I had it my way I'd hit the fast forward button to 140 lbs and a size 4.  But my way includes anorexia nervosa, which isn't all that appealing.  So, I guess I'll do it patiently and in the mean time love myself.  

Still in the honeymoon phase of eating whatever I want.  Stopping is the hardest part of it- but I'm doing it.  Self control, self control.  This is good.


2 pieces of whole grain bread with butter and strawberry jam

Trader Joe's Mushroom Risotto
Salad with Miso dressing

Two bites of an apple fritter


Curry fried rice
Green beans with olive oil and sea salt

Snack: (I was truly hungry people!)
Cheese sandwich with mayo on whole wheat
A few whole grain tortilla chips

I'm working on drinking a lot of water.  I've noticed my milk supply be up and down lately.  I've linked it directly to my water intake. I think I need to drink somewhere around 100 oz to have a timely and good let down with each feeding.  

But enough about my boobs...


Melanie said...

i love hearing about your boobs though!

katiewhitecoat said...

hey!! when i get home, i'm hopefully going to live with your sister in law for a little bit. we'll be neighbors and all... so maybe you could tell me how to make this curry fried rice that i just saw on your tracker!

Jen Gordon said...

Katie- don't tell anyone, but the Curry Fried Rice is at Trader Joe's in the frozen section. Just put some oil in a pan and warm up! It's REALLY good.

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