Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long Day

I attempted to write this post several times but was continually interrupted by the eldest Duggar boy's wedding.  DEAR GOD!


Man I have to say it was REAL tempting to over eat today.  Just stressful.  I had errands to run, carpool to do, babies to take care of and then got them to bed solo so Ed could work (he's 100x more busy than I).  I saw some cute Almond Joy easter egg things at Target with Amelia and bought some.  Now, normally I wouldn't even consider it.  But it sounded good.  I waited until I got good and hungry and enjoyed one.  It was a little piece of heaven in the midst of my crazy kid chaos.  I wanted about 14 more.  

But I didn't do that.

I'm feeling good.  I'm finding that this time around my stomach is holding a lot more weight than before.  I only figured that out since I'm in size 8's and still 168 ish.  And after meals I look about 3 months pregnant.  My stomach is just shot.  All the more motivation not to overeat- no pudge!  

I'm starting to predict my portions more and serving only what I'll eat.  So leaving less on the plate, but serving less to begin with.  I have to remember to slow down and taste the food.  When I eat too fast I find myself wanting the meal to last longer towards the end- which could cause me to overeat.  So I'm just trying to slow down.  Slowing down is eternally hard for me. 

Here's my tracker:

Breakfast potatoes


Some whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce
Salad with Miso dressing
Slice of sourdough with butter

Almond Joy mini

Slice of pizza
1/2 salad
glass of wine

2 almond joy mini's

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